R.E.M.’s Classic Recordings Are Ready for iTunes


Story by Charles Ken

R.E.M.’s full catalog is now available on iTunes

R.E.M.’s classic tunes are now spruced up for the digital age. The classic alternative band has announced its full catalog, encompassing both its I.R.S. and Warner Brothers recordings, have been mastered specifically for iTunes. 

Fine tuning these albums for digital download as “increased audio fidelity that more closely replicates what the artists, recording engineers and producers intended,” the band stated in a release.

The re-mastered R.E.M. music is available in a song-by-song fashion, as a full album or in four individual bundles, the latter offing the full collection of studio albums of the I.R.S. or Warner Brothers era and the entire set of rarities of each period. Another selection of Warner Brothers albums that were released from 1998 until 2011 are also re-mastered, but they’re not included in the main Warner Brothers bundle.

All the tunes are currently available on iTunes.



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