Pearl Jam, R.E.M. Members Appear on Upcoming Tuatara Album


Story by Anne Erickson

Tuatara’s new album will feature guest appearances by Pearl Jam’s Mike McCready and R.E.M.’s Peter Buck

Pearl Jam guitarist Mike McCready and former R.E.M. guitarist Peter Buck have both been tapped to appear on the new album by Tuatara, a supergroup founded by Screaming Trees drummer Barrett Martin.

Tuatara are currently in the studio, finishing up the upcoming album, which is the band’s follow-up to 2008’s, “The Here and the Gone.” Martin says the gang waited six years to release a new album because Tuatara is simply a different kind of band.

“Tuatara is more of a musical idea than a consistently working band, even though the same musicians always show up when it’s time to make a new record,” Martin said in a statement. “The reason for our six-year absence has more to do with our individual lives and the other bands we play in… Mike McCready is always doing something with Pearl Jam and Peter Buck joined about a half dozen other bands when R.E.M called it quits.”

Tuatara doesn’t sound much like Pearl Jam or R.E.M. The group mixes progressive rock, jazz and electronic music to offer a truly novel musical experience. Interested parties may stream the band’s new track, “The Skeleton Getdown,” via Billboard.



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