Forevermore to Release New Album, ‘Telos,’ in July


Story by Anne Erickson

Forevermore’s Solid State Records debut will feature a dose of progressive metal

Indianapolis-based Christian metal outfit Forevermore recently inked to Seattle’s Solid State Records and will unleashed their debut album on the label, “Telos,” later this month. On the new album, the band introduces itself to the heavy music world with progressive metal songs heavy on the guitars.

“The whole philosophy and the writing mentality for this band is to attempt to create music which strikes a balance between being interesting and enjoyable,” guitarist Jared Storm said in a statement, regarding the group’s sound. “We want our songs to have enough creative elements to intrigue more analytical listeners while retaining enough intensity, feel and melody to appeal to a wider, more casual audience.”

He added, “Most of our favorite metal bands have been ones which have managed to incorporate both sides of this equation to a high degree, and our goal is to try to achieve this balance through a unique combination of elements from various metal subgenres.”

The meaning of the album’s title, “Telos,” is end, purpose or goal in Greek.

“The album attempts to draw the listener’s attention towards things that are of greatest importance, and to challenge them to consider one’s life in light of its ultimate goal or purpose,” Storm said, adding that the album also raises the question of whether one’s life does indeed have any ultimate purpose or significance.

“The concept that the word ‘Telos’ encapsulates should prompt us to consider the implications that our fundamental worldview has on these questions about life’s ultimate purpose,” Storm said, “and to reflect on how they should influence the way we live our lives.”

“Telos” will arrive in brick-and-mortar stories and online outlets on July 22.