Glenn Tipton on New Judas Priest Guitarist Richie Faulkner: He Injects Enthusiasm into the Band


Story by Charles Ken

Judas Priest have a healthy future, thanks to new guitarist Richie Faulkner

For a while, Judas Priest seemed like a band that had passed its heyday, but those days are over. Guitarist Glenn Tipton says the metal group has a sense of renewed excitement about the future of the band, thanks to new guitarist Richie Faulkner.

Speaking with Powerline, Tipton said Faulkner has “injected a lot of enthusiasm into the band.” That’s a marked changed from back in 2010, when the band’s Epitaph tour was expected to be Judas Priest’s last run.

As Tipton explains, “We hadn’t found Richie yet. … Fate hadn’t put us together, so things change.”

As a result, Tipton says the guys of Judas Priest are in the process of adding more dates to their tour roster. He also says new music may be on the way, following up the band’s 2014 full-length, “Redeemer of Souls.”

“Redeemer of Souls” is Judas Priest’s first studio album to feature Faulkner, who stepped in for guitarist KK Downing in 2011 during the band’s Epitaph trek. Faulkner says he’s here to stay.

“Based upon the new album and on how much material we came up with, and how easy it flowed from everyone on this record, I wouldn’t rule out another studio record,” Faulkner said.  “Based purely on the creative juices of these sessions, I wouldn’t rule it out completely.”



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