Queens of the Stone Age to Start Work on New Album This Fall


Story by Anne Erickson

Josh Homme of Queens of the Stone Age says the band will start writing its new studio album later this year

Queens of the Stone Age have spent much of this past year on the road in support of their 2013 release, “…Like Clockwork,” and the band will close out all the touring on Halloween night with a special “End of the Road” concert at the Forum in Los Angeles. After the last chord is played, frontman Josh Homme says the guys will head back into the studio to work on their follow-up to “…Like Clockwork.”

“This tour went on longer than we would’ve hoped,” Homme explained to Crave Online. “We’re ready to stop now… And also, it means we can take a little time, and get into the studio. We have a lot of songs.”

Homme said to expect some new songs on the upcoming release, as well as some tunes that didn’t fit on “…Like Clockwork.”

“I’ve been writing a lot on the road, and there’s some stuff that we didn’t quite pick up to tinker with that was waiting in the wings on the last record,” Homme said. “Some of ‘em were too happy.”

Happy songs, Homme explained, don’t really fit with the Queens of the Stone Age vibe. “The most uncomfortable thing of all is to express your own happiness if you’re in Queens of the Stone Age,” he said, laughing. “But by the same token, we have a great time. So it’s weird to sort of reconcile the two things: where you play it dark, but you keep it light.”



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