Sleeping Giant Unleash Lyric Video for ‘Overthrow’


Story by Anne Erickson

Sleeping Giant’s new album, ‘Finished People,’ will arrive on Aug. 19

Salt Lake City-based Christian metalcore group Sleeping Giant have released a lyric video for their new song, “Overthrow,” via AbsolutePunk.Net, featuring guest vocals from Brook Reeves of Impending Doom. The song will appear on the band’s upcoming album, ‘Finished People,” which will drop on Aug. 19, and can be streamed below.

Sleeping Giant have also released the track listing for “Finished People,” which can be viewed below.

Vocalist Tommy Green explained the meaning behind “Overthrow” in a statement, saying, “I feel like there are a ton of individuals in the world who have become enamored with the gritty and violent and the vengeance of prison culture. Like the free world wants nothing more than to imitate the toughest of those enslaved. I have a super hard time with the prison system in specific ways, but I think there is a lot about the hardcore scene that is informed by the culture of gangs and imprisonment and there is a power and a strength to the scene because of it. But it can also be bondage for people who aren’t aware of the dynamic. You can get caught up and ruin your life because of it.”

He added, “I’ve seen it. Over and over again. I respect my culture but I am not going to be a slave to it. I want to be free. I don’t want to imitate prison culture. I don’t want my son to imitate prison culture. I want my family and my friends to be free. I want us to overthrow that culture. That’s what I wrote this song about…”

Sleeping Giant are gearing up to take “Finished People” on the road for a late-summer tour. The trek will set off Aug. 1 at the Conservatory in Oklahoma City, Okla., and run through an Aug. 23 gig at Chain Reaction in Anaheim, Calif. This or the Apocalypse, Phinehas, Those Who Fear and Silent Planet will open on the majority of the shows. View the roster here.

Sleeping Giant, ‘Finished People,’ Track Listing:

1. Clutches
2. Overthrow
3. Finished People
4. Death Knell
5. Song of God, Son of Man
6. Christus Victor
7. Violence
8. Brother’s Keeper
9. “The Great Divorce”
10. “Blood Meridian”
11. “Victory”

Stream Sleeping Giant’s ‘Overkill,’ Featuring Brooke Reeves of Impending Doom:



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