Tool Explains Why New Album is Taking So Long


Story by Charles Ken

Tool’s new album has been delayed due to a lengthy legal battle

Roughly seven years have passed since Tool unleashed its latest studio album, “10,000 Days,” and according to guitarist Adam Jones and drummer Danny Carey, the long delay is due to a legal issue that over time has ballooned into a full-fledged legal war.

Jones and Carey told Rolling Stone the suite started in 2007 when a friend of Jones’ took legal action against the band for artwork he claimed he created for the band and for which he deserved credit. As time went on, the insurance company Tool hired to defend them against lawsuits then turned around and filed suit against Tool citing “technicalities regarding the case.” Tool then counter-sued to guard itself against the insurance company.

So, that’s what has kept Tool out of the studio for so long. The group, Jones said, is spending “millions and millions and millions of dollars” litigating the ordeal, but they would much rather be writing and recording new music.

At least Carey, Jones and bass player Justin Chancellor have found a little time to write new songs. Jones explained they have one ten-minute track that’s “pretty much done.”

If things go well legally, Carey said he’s “hoping that we have something really solid recorded by the end of the year.  But we’ll see how it goes. I thought that last year, too.”



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