Needtobreathe Release Live EP, ‘Oceanway: The Live Room Sessions EP,’ on iTunes


Story by Anne Erickson

Christian rockers Needtobreathe’s new live EP was recorded at the legendary Ocean Way Recordings in Los Angeles

Christian alternative rock band Needtobreathe recently released a new album, “Rivers in the Wasteland,” but before doing the proper studio release, the band recorded a series of live sessions inside Studio A at the Ocean Way Recordings studios in Los Angeles. The group unveiled those recordings to the world via a series of music videos, but now, Needtobreathe is making the audio available on iTunes as a new EP, “60/50 Oceanway: The Live Room Sessions EP.”

One aspect that sets the EP apart is that the studio where Needtobreathe recorded, Ocean Way, has a rich history. They jammed in the same room that the Beach Boys, Radiohead, Frank Sinatra and Tom Petty has used. Recording at Ocean Way was a no brainer.

“Despite the fact that we were coming off of a long break from playing music together (the session was captured before the release of Rivers In the Wasteland and its following tour), we knew that the opportunity to record at Ocean Way was something we would regret passing up,” the band said in a statement. “We were a bit nervous because for many of these songs, this was the first time we had played them as a band since recording them. But as we began ‘making noise’ to test the microphones and get sounds, something happened that moved us to take chances with the setlist and the song arrangements that we are so happy we were able to document. Hopefully you can feel the energy of this incredibly special time for us. In retrospect, this session represents a landmark for Needtobreathe. This is the band getting our mojo back.”

“Oceanway: The Live Room Sessions EP” is currently available on iTunes here.