Radiohead Named Most Influential Artist Today by NME


Story by Charles Ken

Radiohead is the most influential artist of modern times, according to NME

There’s no denying that Radiohead has been a driving force in alternative music, and now the Thom Yorke-frontman group has landed at the top spot on a poll taken by NME  of the 100 Most Influential Artists Today. NME put together the list by measuring artists’ influence in the music scene today.

Specifically, the publication calculated “which bands have been mentioned most in NME in the past two years, then hunting out references to the bands that influenced those acts online and finally adding up the number of times each influence came up.” After putting together a rough list of those artists, the editorial team cut things down for the final 100. View the top five below.

To view the full list of NME’s 100 Most Influential Artists Today, go here.

NME’s Top 5 Most Influential Artists Today:

David Bowie
Kanye West
The White Stripes
The Strokes



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