SomeKindaWonderful’s Matt Gibson Talks ‘Reverse,’ Touring and More


Story by Anne Erickson

Interview: SomeKindaWonderful guitarist Matt Gibson chats with Audio Ink Radio about the budding band

Cleveland’s SomeKindaWonderful are spiking up the alternative radio charts with their new single “Reverse,” a passionate, spacey, swooning alternative pop track that’s reminiscent of Coldplay or Radiohead. The group has been selling out shows all over the U.S. and is starting at a fall tour with fellow alternative hit-makers New Politics and Bad Suns.

Guitarist Matt Gibson checked in with Audio Ink Radio to discuss “Reverse,” the upcoming tour and the band’s “eclectic” sound.

“Reverse” is doing really well at alternative radio. Tell me a about that song.

For starters, as you can imagine, the lyrics tell a story in reverse of a relationship coming to an end due to infidelities. We actually wrote the song within the first few hours we happened to randomly meet each other in a little dive bar in Ohio.

You’re touring with New Politics and Bad Suns this fall. What are you most excited to experience on the run?

I’m excited because all the bands on this tour play with so much passion and energy that we know the crowds will be getting a full on in your face rock show every night. It’s just going to be a bunch of really, fun shows. No fan is going to leave the concert without having sweat stains covering their T-shirts!

What’s your favorite aspect of being on the road?

I like all the scenery we experience on the road. It’s so amazing to me how the different parts of the country can all look so completely different from each other. Food, too. We love experiencing the different flavors each city has to offer. Maybe after SKW, I can host a travel/food show like Anthony Bourdain or something! (Laughs)

How would you describe your band to someone who has never heard of you guys?

I would just give them our CD and let them listen for themselves. I think that would be more effective. It would be hard to accurately describe our sound, but I’m sure the words “soulful” “eclectic” “classic” and “future” would all be used.

Was there an overall theme on your self-titled debut?

Yes! The overall theme is truth. Lyrically, the album addresses topics from all realms of life and human relationships, without being limited by some sense of political correctness or fairness to anyone. Jordy lived a lot of life to fuel the inspiration for these lyrics and it shows.

Any last words?

Be on the lookout for our official “Reverse” music video. After a ton of sleepless nights and countless hours spent perfecting special effects, it is done and we couldn’t be more proud of it.

Watch SomeKindaWonderful’s Music Video for ‘Reverse’: