Nick Oliveri to Perform with Queens of the Stones Age on Halloween


Story by Anne Erickson

Former Queens of the Stones Age bass player Nick Oliveri will perform with the guys Halloween night in Los Angeles

Former Queens of the Stones Age bass player Nick Oliveri is set to jam once more with the band. Oliveri, who parted ways with the desert rock group in 2004, says the band has asked him to reunite with them onstage at the group’s Halloween highly-anticipated night gig in Los Angeles at the Forum.

“Josh asked me to come up and do six songs with Queens, like an encore set,” Oliveri told NME. “A reunion, but not a reunion. I’m going to get up and play some bass and sing some songs at the end of the show. It should be an interesting night.”

Does this mean Oliveri might permanently rejoin Queens of the Stone Age in the future? He’s not so sure, but this is at least a positive sign. Moreover, he’d like to get back together with the band.

“That’s pretty much up to Josh. It’s his band, and when he pulls the trigger on something, it’s up to him,” Oliveri said. “I put myself out there a few different times in the past 10 years at Queens shows. I’d go and see them play and say, ‘Hey man, I’m here! Do you want me to sing a song?’ I stopped asking him after a while, and then he asked me! It’s pretty much just when he wants to do something, these days. It’s not up to me, is what I’m saying.”



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