Sting to Appear in His Own Broadway Musical


Story by Charles Ken

Classic rocker Sting is set to join the cast of his Broadway musical, ‘The Last Ship’

When Sting first announced he was putting together a Broadway musical, it obviously created speculation that he would somehow be a part of the show. Now, it turns out that hunch was true.

Sting is set to join the cast of his musical, “The Last Ship,” to help boost ticket sales. According to a post on Sting’s official website, he’ll play Jackie White, the foreman of a British shipyard, in the musical. Sting will join the run on Dec. 9 and perform eight shows a week through Jan. 10.

Sting told The New York Times he’s not worried about learning the part, because he’s been working on the show for so long and “knows all the lines and lyrics after all these years.”

Sting is hopeful for a Tony, too; if not for him, at least for the show. Jeffrey Seller, lead producer of “The Last Ship,” told The New York Times he asked Sting to join the show, hoping it will boost momentum and interest long enough so that the show can score a Tony Award this summer.



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