Incubus to Unleash Two New EPs in 2015


Story by Anne Erickson

Incubus promise 2015 will bring new music from the band

Incubus haven’t released a new studio album in roughly four years, but 2015 will change all that. The alternative rock band is promising two new EPs for next year, which is good news for fans that have been patiently waiting.

“We’re planning on releasing two installments that will total an album, two EPs,” guitarist Mike Einziger told Billboard. “We’re hoping to put out the first one in February or March, then the summer.”

Not only are Incubus gearing up to release two new EPs in 2015, but they’re also going to work with a new label: Island Records. The group wrote the new music after leaving Epic Records in 2012, so the new tunes aren’t at all influenced by a label’s wishes.

“We didn’t have any plans to make this record,” Einziger said. “Just having no horizon to look at was important for us. We needed that.”

Incubus already know the lead single from the EPs will be called “Trust Fall.” Another track off the EP is “Dance Like You’re Dumb.”

Einziger thinks the new tunes will surprise Incubus fans. “(‘Dance Like You’re Dumb’ is) our version of a loud aggressive rock song,” he said. “It’s definitely not what someone would expect from us.”

Incubus released their last album, “If Not Now, When?” in 2011.



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