Jack White Singles Found Hidden Inside Furniture


Story by Anne Erickson

Jack White vinyl albums have been found hidden inside furniture

Jack White is the king of unconventional album releases, but this one takes the cake. Back in the day, before the White Stripes were big, White worked as an upholsterer in Detroit with friend and coworker Brain Muldoon, who was also a musician. The two decided to form a band, called the Upholsterers, and recorded the 2000 single “Apple of My Eye.”

Then, four years later, Muldoon found himself celebrating his 25th anniversary of being in the upholstery business, so the two recorded a second single. This is where things get interesting. The guys hid 100 copies of the vinyl single inside pieces of furniture, and didn’t tell the customers. As it turns out, years later, two separate people have found two of the singles, according to White’s label, Third Man Records.

“Recently Third Man Records has been made aware of the discovery of two different copies found by two separate individuals of the (second) single by the Upholsterers,” a statement explained on the Third Man Records website. “This duo, comprising of actual upholsterers Jack White and Brian Muldoon, pressed 100 copies of this single and proceeded to hide them in furniture being reupholstered by Muldoon in 2004, in celebration of his 25th year in the business.”

As for other unconventional album releases, in 2012, White unleashed his single “Freedom at 21” via a balloon release, and only a few that were ever discovered.



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