The Grateful Dead’s Jerry Garcia Gets His Own Comic Book


Story by Cat Badra

Jerry Garcia has is own comic book

The Grateful Dead’s Jerry Garcia is getting immortalized in a new comic book biography. The Bluewater Productions book, called simply “Tribute: Jerry Garcia,” follows the life and adventures of Garcia, with trippy cover artwork by famous rock artist David Frizell, stories by Michael L. Frizell and interior art by Andre St-Amour.

There are a ton of Grateful Dead fans out there, and with Christmas on the way, this seems like good timing for a Garcia-related release. It’s available in both print and digital formats.

The comic book’s storyline gets dicey, as it “explores the life of the man who would hate the idea that he’d somehow become the face for a movement that changed the social climate of the United States.”

“Does anyone epitomize the age of freedom – or the age of excess – better than Garcia?” Frizell said in a statement. “His story is every writer’s dream…. Rock culture. Conflict. Social turmoil. Unparalleled talent. Humble and rebellious beginnings. Mix them together and you create the portrait of Jerry Garcia.”

Bluewater has also put out comic books on music notables such as Amy Winehouse, John Lennon, James Dean, Bruce Lee and more. Also on the way are comic books featuring George Harrison and the cast of Doctor Who.



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