Royal Blood Drummer Ben Thatcher Doesn’t Trust Rod Stewart


Story by Charles Ken

Royal Blood drummer Ben Thatcher has funny reasoning for not trusting Rod Stewart

Royal Blood may be out of the U.K., but the guys have made a big name for themselves in the U.S. thanks to their rock radio hit, “Figure It Out.” Now that Royal Blood are on the map, the guys have to watch who they trust. When it comes to that trust factor, Royal Blood drummer Ben Thatcher says he follows one simple rule: to never trust someone “whose last name could be their first name.” Apparenlty, Rod Stewart falls into that category.

“Rod Stewart? Yup, don’t trust him,” Thatcher told Q Magazine. “Always just keep your wits about you in those situations. When you go, ‘Hi, my name’s Ben Thatcher,’ and someone says, ‘Hi, I’m Rod Stewart, you go ‘O-kaaay…'”

He added, “Just as a general rule, be wary of those guys.” Is he joking? We hope so.

In other Royal Blood news, the guys will hit the road with Foo Fighters beginning this July. That tour will run through an Aug. 25 date in Pittsburgh. Pretty much any band out there would want to open for the Foos, so it’s a significant break for the guys.



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