Print Your Own 3-D Figure of Paul McCartney


Story by Charles Ken

Fans can print out their own 3-D figure of Paul McCartney

Sir Paul is making it easy for fans with the yearning to print out their own 3-D figures of Paul McCartney. It’s an odd thing, but thanks to their new music video, the technology was already there.

In McCartney’s new music video for his single, “Hope for the Future,” the former Beatles frontman appears as a hologram singing to characters in the Destiny video game. McCartney wrote the song specifically for the game. To make the clip work, a 3-D scan of McCartney needed to be made. Using that information, a three-dimensional, printable outline of McCartney was created, and he’s offering a way for fans to print their own 3-D McCartney figurines using that technology.

A link to download the file needed to make the McCartney figurine is available via Paul McCartney’s official website. In order to make it work, fans have to use a 3-D printer, either their own or through a printer or online service. Instructions on McCartney’s website walk you through the process.



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