‘R.E.M. by MTV’ to Arrive on Blu-Ray and DVD


Story by Charles Ken

‘R.E.M. by MTV’ looks at the relationship between R.E.M. and MTV

R.E.M. fans can look forward to a special release of the band’s “R.E.M. by MTV” film. The R.E.M. documentary, which looks at the relationship between the longstanding alternative band and MTV, will arrive on Blu-ray and as a standalone DVD on June 2. Up until this point, the film was available only as a part of a six-disc DVD collection called “I Want My REMTV.”

The Blu-ray and standalone DVD release will also pack five rare live R.E.M. performances, including “Find the River,” Live in Cologne from 2001; “Imitation of Life,” Rock AM Ring, from 2005; “Bad Day,” Live at Rolling Stone, Milan, from 2008; “Man-Sized Wreath,” Live at Oxygen Festival, from 2008; and “(Don’t Go Back to) Rockville,” R. E.M. Live in Athens, Greece, from 2008.

Those who want to see “R.E.M. by MTV” on the big screen will have that chance when the film is screened in select theaters on May 19 via Fathom Events. To find a theater screening the film near you and to purchase tickets, visit the Fathom Events website.



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