Kurt Cobain Talks ‘The Dreamer’ in Newly Released MTV Clip


Story by Cat Badra

Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain is outgoing in a newly released 1993 video clip from MTV

Kurt Cobain always tended to shy away from, or mess with, the media, but in a newly released video clip from MTV, he’s actually outgoing and sociable during in a 1993 interview in which the late Nirvana frontman talks about “The Dreamer,” a machine that he said assists with dreaming and minimizing stress.

“I’ve tried it,” Cobain said of “The Dreamer” in the video. “I dreamed about German shepherds and having sex with my stepfather and eating flowers and smoking potpourri….it’s really amazing, it really works.”

The interview happened at Hollywood Rock Brazil in 1993. In it, Cobain is messing around with a Taser and even pretends to shock the interviewer with it.

In addition to “The Dreamer” clip, MTV also unleashed a 38-minute unedited interview with Cobain. Parts of the interview were used to make MTV’s 1994 documentary “Nirvana: Past, Present and Future.” In the newly-released interview, Cobain discusses a wide range of issues, from his daughter Frances Bean Cobain to his chronic stomach pain.

In other Cobain news, “Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck,” the first fully authorized documentary about Cobain, will play May 4 on HBO.



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