Disturbed Announce New Album, ‘The Vengeful One’


Story by Anne Erickson

The guys of Disturbed are back with a new album

Disturbed are back with a new single and news of a new album. Last weekend, the guys posted two teaser videos via Facebook dropping hints of their return. Now, it’s confirmed.

Disturbed will unleash a new studio album called “Immortalized” on Aug. 21. The album’s debut single, “The Vengeful One,” is out now, and the album is also available for pre-order on the group’s official website. It’s the first we’ve heard of Disturbed since 2011.

“The idea was to leave when we were at our peak, which we were, and to come back when we felt reinvigorated,” frontman David Draiman said in a statement.

“We wanted to return when we collectively had that fire underneath us,” guitarist Dan Donegan added. “We missed it so much that we could tap into this energy and deliver the right album. We did it on our own terms.”

Draiman, Donegan and drummer Mike Wengren secretly started writing and recording together in January of 2014 in Chicago. It was the first time the three of them had written together since 2001.

“I think the fans will feel like it was worth the wait,” Donegan said. “We’ve been planning this for the past year and keeping it a secret so we can’t wait to hear the response. I hope fans realize we have a lot more left in us…to be away from it for almost five years, get back in a room, write together, and tap into that fire is awesome…we’re returning stronger than ever.”

Disturbed’s ‘The Vengeful One’ Track List:

1. “The Eye of the Storm”
2. “Immortalized”
3. “The Vengeful One”
4. “Open Your Eyes”
5. “The Light”
6. “What Are You Waiting For”
7. “You’re Mine”
8. “Who”
9. “Save Our Last Goodbye”
10. “Fire It Up”
11. “The Sound of Silence”
12. “Never Wrong”
13. “Who Taught You How To Hate”
14. “Tyrant*
15. “Legion of Monsters”*
16. “The Brave and the Bold”*
* deluxe edition only.



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