Pearl Jam Poster Art Exhibit Featured in Seattle-Tacoma Airport


Story by Anne Erickson

The Seattle-Tacoma Airport’s new exhibit displays Pearl Jam poster art

The Seattle-Tacoma Airport is about to get a major shot of Pearl Jam. As a part of the Experience the City of Music program, the Sea-Tac and the EMP Museum have partnered to put together a new exhibit of 85 Pearl Jam concert posters in the busy airport

“These posters commemorate amazing concerts, such as Pearl Jam’s four-night stand at The Spectrum in Philadelphia in 2009, where they closed down that fabled venue, but they also convey the band’s and the artists’ points of view on contemporary society,” EMP’s Jacob McMurray said in a statement. “As such, these posters are more than just graphic ephemera, but in fact objects of often deep artistic and cultural meaning.”

The exhibit, called “Push Me, Pull Me: Pearl Jam and the Art of the Screen Printed Poster,” will be on display in the Seattle-Tacoma Airport’s A concourse. So, if you’re a Pearl Jam fan and have any flights going through Seattle-Tacoma, make sure to arrange a layaway long enough to check out the exhibit.

This isn’t the first music-related exhibit. The Sea-Tac and the EMP Museum formerly constructed a Jimi Hendrix-inspired exhibit in conjunction with the Experience the City of Music program.



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