Dave Grohl Was ‘Terrified’ to Watch Kurt Cobain’s ‘Montage of Heck’


Story by Cat Badra

Dave Grohl didn’t make it through watching ‘Montage of Heck’

“Dave Grohl almost watched “Montage of Heck,” the first fully-authorized documentary about late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain, but didn’t make it through. After all, he had some reservations. Mainly, the movie showcases footage from home videos of Cobain as a child and towards the end of his life, and Grohl was “terrified” to see that footage.

Grohl told The Washington Post that he was with his wife when he stumbled upon “Montage of Heck.” The film was already on, so Grohl and his wife watched the only part of the film he could stomach.

“All the footage of him as a child, I think that might make me sad, and then the dark stuff at the end I think would bum me out,” Grohl said. About 10 minutes after watching “Montage of Heck,” Grohl turned away and fell asleep.

Grohl – who played drums in Nirvana and currently fronts Foo Fighters – was the drummer for punk band Scream before he came onboard Nirvana in 1990. When he got word Nirvana was looking for a new drummer, there was a part of Grohl that was worried about leaving Scream. So, he did what any read rock star would do: called his mom.

“Sometimes, you just have to do what’s good for you,” Grohl said his mom advised.

Grohl recently suffered a broken leg while on tour in Europe, causing the Foos to cancel the remaining dates of their European tour. The band is still scheduled to kick off their North American tour July 4 in Washington, D.C.



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