Royal Blood Talk Touring with Foo Fighters


Story by Cat Badra

Royal Blood’s Mike Kerr says touring with Foo Fighters is a new experience

Royal Blood are on a dream tour of sorts, opening for Foo Fighters on a summer North American tour. The experience of opening for Foo Fighters has been great for the British two piece, since not only are they playing with a band’s they’ve always respected, but they’re also playing in front of thousands at stadiums and arenas.

“It’s definitely had an impact on our live performance,” frontman Mike Kerr told Village Voice of touring with the Foo Fighters. “Playing the bigger shows — it’s something about being further away from the crowd. In a weird way, it gives you more perspective on what you’re doing as a band.”

Dave Grohl’s broken leg has made Kerr even more appreciate Grohl’s ability as a musician. Grohl has been playing shows sitting on a throne of sorts, his broken leg propped up.

“There’s more to (Grohl’s) performance than him just running around,” Kerr said. “How he communicates with the crowd, that’s in essence what makes him a great frontman. Just the concept of him in that chair and everyone being aware of the context — he’s got a broken leg, and he’s still going mad and putting on that quality of a show — it’s incredible to watch.”

The highlight of Royal Blood’s set, Kerr said, is when the band plays their big single, “Little Monster.”

“I will say there’s always a midpoint in the set where we play ‘Little Monster,’ and we definitely feel a turning point,” Kerr said. “Whether that’s because it’s that song or the midpoint of the set, I don’t know. There’s definitely a point where people acknowledge us and go, ‘OK, I like you guys!’ We form a connection around that point in the set.”

Royal Blood are on the road with Foo Fighters through an Aug. 25 date in Pittsburgh.



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