Jay Z’s ‘Magna Carta…Holy Grail’ Set for Reissue via Third Man Records with Bonus Track


Story by Charles Ken

Jay Z’s ‘Magna Carta’ is getting released on vinyl via Jack White’s Third Man Records, again

Jack White‘s Third Man Records reissued Jay Z’s “Magna Carta…Holy Grail” earlier this year in the form of a limited edition vinyl collection with eight seven-inch albums. Well, Jack White isn’t finished with Jay Z, as Third Man has announced the release of “Magna Carta…Holy Grail” as a traditional two-LP set with some bells and whistles.

The inside back cover of the “Magna Carta” vinyl contains a postcard flexi disc with a hidden track from the album. To get to it, you have to actually cut it out from the cover. Third Man Records has posted a short video with recommendations on how to open the cover and suggests using a knife. In the end, you can play the rectangular vinyl on a record player.

“Magna Carta…Holy Grail” is available now in the two-LP set via Third Man Records’ website and will eventually make its way to independent record stores across the U.S.

While White and Jay Z have worked together in the past, the Third Man Records reissues of “Magna Carta” mark their first real releases together. In 2010, White told British GQ that he had recorded an album with Jay Z, but that album has never been released. White has also famously covered Jay Z’s “99 Problems” in concert.



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