Coheed and Cambria’s Claudio Sanchez Says New Album Was Inspired by Fatherhood


Story by Anne Erickson

Claudio Sanchez says Coheed and Cambria’s new album pays tribute to his new experience as a father

While Coheed and Cambria’s albums usually follow the story of the Amory Wars, a sci-fi tale about the group’s namesake characters, that’s not the case with the band’s upcoming set. “The Color Before the Sun” takes on different themes, thanks to two major changes in frontman Claudio Sanchez’s life: his wife got pregnant and he moved to Brooklyn, New York.

Sanchez dealt with a bit of writer’s block when he first got to his new home in Brooklyn.

“I started to have this trouble: I didn’t see myself creating anything; I was just having problems with it,” Sanchez told Rolling Stone. “Then my wife got pregnant, and that sort of pulled me out of that. I started to see the beauty in her and the anticipation of fatherhood, what kind of father I was going to become to this new person, and the inevitability of having to leave that person when touring came.”

Sanchez added that “Here to Mars,” which appears on “The Color Before the Sun,” is a tribute of sorts to his wife and their joint experience becoming parents.

“The Color Before the Sun” will arrive on Oct. 16.



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