Of Mice & Men’s Austin Carlile Suffers Electrical Shock


Story by Cat Badra

Of Mice & Men singer Austin Carlile is recovering after a scary incident that resulted in a hospital stay

Of Mice & Men singer Austin Carlile spent time in the hospital last summer following complications with Marfan syndrome, and now, he’s back in the hospital. Last weekend, Carlile was hospitalized after experiencing a dangerous electric shock resulting from a microphone.

“Spent the last 24 hours in hospital,” Carlile tweeted. “I’ve been ‘electrocuted’ by mic, working, etc. before, but never to the extent of yesterday.”

The electrical shock was especially dangerous for Carlile, since Marfan syndrome is a connective tissue disorder that can result in major damage to the heart.

“Lucky to be alive, but today feel like I was ran over by a truck,” he tweeted. “Close call for the heart.”

So, how did Carlile shock himself? He tweeted out an explanation filled with emojis that involve swimming, dancing, an electrical plug, lightning bolts and more,

Of Mice & Men are on hiatus to allow Carlile time to rest up following his surgery last summer. The band plans to start touring again in 2016.



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