Like a Storm’s Kent Brooks Discusses U.S. Festivals and ‘Awaken the Fire’


Story by Anne Erickson

Kent Brooks of Like a Storm chats with Audio Ink Radio at Louder than Life festival

Like a Storm hail from New Zealand, so doing the U.S. festival circuit is a thrill. The band performed at Louder than Life festival in Louisville, Kentucky, last weekend, and band member Kent Brooks said playing a major event like Louder than Life is a whole different vibe than in their homeland.

“We have festivals like this, but we might have one or two, whereas here, we’ve done Rocklahoma, Welcome to Rockville, Rock on the Range—- so many,” he said. “You guys even put festivals on cruise ships now! It’s just a much bigger place, and it’s a lot easier for the bands to get there, so you can get a bill packed with really good bands. I loved festivals before I even played in a band. I just love going to festivals and the environment of them. Now to be playing at one, getting to hang backstage, it’s amazing.”

With so many bands at Louder than Life, what acts is Brooks most stoked to see?

“The first one that comes to mind is Tremonti,” he said. “We just did a tour through Europe with those dudes. We shared a bus with them and went all over Europe. It was amazing. Also, Sevendust. I’d like to see Bring Me the Horizon. I love the guys in Aranda. There are so many good bands.”

Like a Storm are touring in support of their sophomore album, “Awaken the Fire.”

“It’s really fun,” Brooks said of playing the new tunes live. “Our opening when we play now is “Chaos,” which is the first song off the new album. When we wrote the album, we were like, ‘That would be a great start to the set.’”

“The difference between this album and the last album is that with the last album, we had done no touring,” he added. “With this album, we had done a ton of touring. We approached the new album with the mindset of what is going to be fun to play live in front of a crowd.”