Mark Tremonti Talks Solo Music, Alter Bridge at Louder than Life Festival


Story by Anne Erickson

Mark Tremonti discusses his solo project and when to expect new music from Alter Bridge

Mark Tremonti is currenlty on the road with his band Tremonti, playing tunes off their latest album, “Cauterize,” and the guys had a stop at Louder than Life festival last weekend in Louisville, Kentucky.

Performing at a landmark festival like Louder than Life, Tremonti said, helps spread the word about Tremonti’s music to new fans.

“Playing these festivals in front of a lot of people is great,” he told Audio Ink Radio. “We have our supporters who are here in their Tremonti shirts, and then hopefully we’ll make new supporters today.”

Tremonti’s solo music is more metal-leaning than what he’s done in Alter Bridge and Creed. That’s a conscious thing.

“I grew up a metal head,” he said. “Whenever you’re paired with other people in bands, you kind of have to morph into what everybody likes, so when I went off to do the solo band, it was going to feature a lot of my metal roots. I just went for it.”

Tremonti’s next album, “Dust,” is already in the can.

“‘Dust’ is coming out in March,” Tremonti said. “It’s going to be an evenly-paced record like ‘Cauterize.’ It’s basically two records that are similar and that were recorded at the same time.”

As for new Alter Bridge music, it’s coming fairly soon.

“Alter Bridge is getting in the studio in January,” Tremonti said. “We’ll take three months to do an album, and after that, we’ll release ‘Dust’ in March. I’ll go off and tour with Tremonti for the next three or four months, and Myles (Kennedy, Alter Bridge’s singer) will go tour with Slash, and then we’ll come back in the fall with an Alter Bridge tour.”



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