The Dead Weather Not Planning to Tour Anytime Soon


Story by Charles Ken

The Dead Weather have a new album out, but they aren’t planning a tour in the near future

The Dead Weather have a new album out called “Dodge and Burn,” but don’t sit around waiting for the band to hit your city. The group – which features the White Stripes’ Jack White playing drums, Queens of the Stone Age’s Dean Fertita on guitar, the Kills’ Alison Mosshart on vocals and the Raconteurs’ Jack Lawrence on bass guitar – says touring just won’t work with band members’ busy schedules.

“The Kills are working on a record, Queens of the Stone Age are starting up again,” Fertita told Billboard. “(Lawrence’s band) City and Colour is starting up soon. Jack’s just been going forever so he just needs a minute.” That last statement is definitely true, as White announced earlier this year that he would be taking a break after touring for so long behind his latest solo album, “Lazaretto.”

That doesn’t mean the Dead Weather will never play live. Fertita says the band could tour in the future behind other releases.

“We all would love to play,” Fertita said. “Obviously, it’s our favorite thing in the world to play together. Maybe someday, but immediate future, it’s not happening.”

“Do you know how many records we could write in a couple years?” Mosshart added. “I’m glad this music’s out there; it’s very hard to plan far ahead. There’s much going on and we’re all so busy.”



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