Metallica Unleash New Vinyl Record Series


Story by Anne Erickson

Metallica will release vinyl editions of four live shows from their 2014 By Request tour

Metallica have always been been big proponents of vinyl records, and now, the guys have announced they will release vinyl editions of four live shows from the band’s 2014 By Request tour. Each concert will arrive as a four-LP collection. Only 500 of each set will be pressed. The first concert in the series, which is from the band’s Montreal show, will arrive on Monday (Nov. 9), and one new show will be released each week in November.

The series also packs live performances from the By Request tour in Bogota, Colombia, Helsinki, Finland and Istanbul, Turkey. All four releases are available for pre-order in a 16-LP package on Metallica’s website.

In other news, Metallica fans have been patiently waiting for the band’s follow-up to 2008’s “Death Magnetic,” and guitarist Kirk Hammett says the band is writing and recording new tunes.

“We have songs, and we are recording them, so that’s a good sign,” Hammett told

Hammett also commented on the band’s “No Life ‘Til Leather” reissue cassette version that dropped on Record Store Day back in April. When asked whether there was going to be a CD version, Hammet said, “I haven’t seen the timetable on that one, but I just love the fact that we released a cassette in 2015. How many people have done that?”



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