Linkin Park Guitarist on New Album: ‘We Have a Mountain of Material’


Story by Anne Erickson

Linkin Park on New Album: ‘We Have a Mountain of Material’

The guys of Linkin Park are making no secret of the fact they’re plugging away on their new album, and it seems like things are coming along well.

“It’s been a real just organic flow and I’m really excited about the music that’s being created,” guitarist Brad Delson said in an interview with Billboard.

“We have a mountain of material,” DJ Joe Hahn added.

Unlike with past Linkin Park albums, the band opted to write the lyrics before writing the music. It’s usually the opposite. Producer Rick Rubin influenced the change.

“We’ve focused almost exclusively on songwriting, not on sound, not on genre, not on arrangement, on words and melodies,” Delson said. “And that is something Rick has always told us to do years past and we never listened because we started always track first. Now we’re writing songs and now we’re just starting to get into the style of that.”

The upcoming, as-yet-untitled studio album will mark Linkin Park’s follow-up to their 2014 set, “The Hunting Party.”

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