Paul McCartney Opens Up About Beatles Breakup


Story by Charles Ken

Paul McCartney says he considered quitting music after the Beatles broke up

When the Beatles called it quits in 1970, Paul McCartney seemed to forge ahead without missing a beat, releasing two solo albums, “McCartney and Ram,” and putting together Wings just a few years later. They say looks can be deceiving, and that was the case with McCartney’s situation. At the time, he was extremely depressed about the Beatles ending their run and actually thought about leaving music.

“How do you follow that?” McCartney said in an interview for the BBC Radio’s 4 “Mastertapes.” “It was very depressing, because you were breaking from your lifelong friends.”

He added also scary was, “Not knowing whether I was going to continue in music.”

McCartney says that his late wife, Linda, got him back into making music and encouraged him to put together Wings.

For a while, though, McCartney thought about forming a supergroup with “…Eric (Clapton), Jimmy Page, John Bonham, whatever.” But he didn’t.

“(F)or some mad reason, I kind of wanted to go back to square one, and just do it as we’d done in The Beatles,” McCartney said. “Looking back on it, I’m really glad we did it, because it was the way to do it.”

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