Sting to Release New Album, ’57th and 9th’


Story by Charles Ken

News on Sting’s new album

Sting has spent much of his life on the road, playing gigs all over the world, and that travel is the theme of his upcoming studio album, “57th and 9th,” out Nov. 11. The former Police frontman recently posted a trailer promoting the album via YouTube that highlights footage of Sting in the studio and also shows him talking about the release.

“There are many different styles on this record,” Sting says in the clip. “There’s a lot of rock ‘n’ roll, but if there’s a lyrical theme that runs through it it’s about searching. It’s about traveling. It’s about the road. It’s about that pull of the unknown.”

The vibe of the album, Sting says, “has a spontaneous feel in the way it was made.”

“It’s not that polished,” he said. “It’s played with energy.” He added that while the new music is “energetic and noisy, (it’s) also thoughtful.”

In other news, Sting just closed out his Rock Scissors Paper trek with Peter Gabriel on July 24 with a concert in Edmonton, Canada. He’s currently touring Europe and will be there until early August. No word yet on tour dates behind 57th and 9th, but there’s a good bet he’ll hit the road behind the release.

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