Metallica Reflect on ‘Master of Puppets’


Story by Charles Ken

The guys of Metallica look back on the seminal ‘Master of Puppets’ release

“Master of Puppets” is no doubt one of Metallica’s most significant releases. Now, the guys of Metallica will tell the “visual history” of that 1986 release in a new photo book called “Metallica: Back to the Front.”

Speaking with Rolling Stone, Metallica reflected on “Master of Puppets” and what the album means to them.

“I really feel that a lot of the music on ‘Master of Puppets,’ we pulled it out of a deep place,” guitarist Kirk Hammett says in the video. “A lot of it, it’s just so emotional, from the music to the lyrics to the guitar solos to even the arrangements. It’s so dramatic.”

“It was still rebellious,” stated singer James Hetfield. “Back then it was still the four of us in a van out to conquer the world.”

“Master of Puppets” turned 30 last spring, and Hammett says that somehow the collection “never went away.”

“It still has not and there are no signs of it going away at all,” Hammett added.

“Metallica: Back to the Front” will arrive on Sept. 13. In other Metallica news, the metal band’s new studio release, “Hardwired…to Self-Destruct,” will drop on Nov. 18. It’s their follow-up to 2008’s “Death Magnetic.”

Photo by Anne Erickson

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