Linkin Park Announce New Album, ‘One More Light’


Story by Cat Badra

The new single from Linkin Park’s ‘One More Light’ album is anything but ‘Heavy’

The guys of Linkin Park have made no secret of the fact they’ve been working hard on a new album, and now, they’ve finally unleashed some specifics to the world. Linkin Park have announced that their upcoming, seventh studio album will be called “One More Light” and arrive on May 19. Chester Bennington and the group have premiered the debut single from the album, a track called “Heavy,” via

Truth be told, “Heavy” is getting some backlash for its poppy quality. It really doesn’t sound like Linkin Park. Check out the tune below. The song, which has pop singer Kiiara guest on it, has a strong pop leaning. It’s also stripped-down and quite a divergence from Linkin Park’s “Hybrid Theory” era. Quite ironic, given the title, “Heavy.”

“The band, with every album, every song we’re trying to challenge ourselves,” Linkin Park multi-instrumentalist Mike Shinoda told Billboard. “We like to try new things. We want to explore new territory with the sounds and the songwriting. We’ve always been about mixing styles; I mean, Hybrid Theory was the name of our band before we changed it to Linkin Park. Linkin Park fans know that with every album you never know what you’re going to get, and the style can change dramatically and different elements, different genres that we listen to might sit more in the forefront than others.”

“One More Light” will be Linkin Park’s follow-up to their 2014 studio album, “The Hunting Party.” The latter took Linkin Park in a much heavier direction, which makes the poppy feel of what we’ve heard from “One More Light” even more surprising. Time will tell if the rest of the album follows suit.

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