Megadeth Frontman Dave Mustaine is Grateful for Grammy Win


Story by Charles Ken

Megadeth picked up the 2017 Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance

Megadeth made big news at this year’s Grammy Awards, when the metal men picked up their first Grammy Award. It was their 12th time getting nominated for a Grammy, and that long wait made it an extra special win, for both the band and the band’s longtime fans. Megadeth picked up the Best Metal Performance Grammy for their track “Dystopia,” and following the win, frontman Dave Mustaine is feeling “a little bit of everything.”

“Obviously the gratitude of being recognized,” Mustaine said in an interview with Billboard. “But also the disappointment lingering from the years where they’ve given the award to somebody that didn’t belong in that category.”

Unlike was often the case with previous years, Mustaine has good things to say about this year’s bunch of metal nominees, which also featured Periphery, Baroness, Gojira and Korn. He has especially fond memories of Korn when looking back on Megadeth’s first encounters with the nu-metal guys.

“When (Korn) were just coming out with their first record, we took them out on one of their first national tours, and we’ve been friends ever since,” Mustaine said. “I just think it was really terrific for us, when we received it, to be there with people that have been part of the struggle, for lack of a better word.”

He added, “People that have been there and in some way or capacity have contributed to us getting that Grammy.”



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