Killswitch Engage Album Update: Band Promises New Music in 2018


Story by Anne Erickson

The guys of Killswitch Engage are getting ready to record new music

Killswitch Engage are promising new music in 2018. The Massachusetts metal group has announced via an Instagram post that they’re getting ready to record a new album and have plans to release it and do some touring.

“Jam sessions starting up in October, demos are getting cranked out!” the band wrote on Instagram.

“2018 we will be dropping some music and getting back on the road once again!” the post continues.

The upcoming album will mark Killswitch Engage’s follow-up to their 2016 studio release, “Incarnate.” The guys were on the road earlier this year with Anthrax for the KillThrax tour.

Killswitch Engage bass player Mike D’Antonio recent spoke with Audio Ink Radio about what he looks for when discovering new talent.

“It’s got to hook me in,” he said. “I used to hate choruses that would repeat, but now, I gravitate towards a really good chorus and good lyrics that you can latch onto and attribute to your life. If a band hits me hard, I gravitate towards that.”

D’Antonio also designs all of the artwork for Killswitch Engage’s albums. He’s especially fond of the “Disarm the Descent” record’s album artwork.

“I loved how the photos looked very mystical and with the veil blowing in the wind,” he said. “It was a hard thing to shoot. I think we got the best photos using a leaf blower to make the veil blow in the wind. They finally got the right motion with the art, and I was stoked with how it turned out.”



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