10 Years’ Brian Vodinh Talks New Album and ‘Fighting the Good Fight’

Story by Anne Erickson

Knoxville, Tennessee boys 10 Years are armed with a new studio album, “(How to Live) As Ghosts,” and on the road with everyone from Chevelle to Pop Evil to RED this fall.

Speaking with guitarist Brian Vodinh, it’s obvious the guys are refreshed and revitalized. They don’t take for granted the opportunity to make and tour on their eighth studio album.

“I produced and wrote and played on the last record, but didn’t tour behind it,” Vodinh told Audio Ink Radio. “After we made the appropriate lineup changes, we felt refreshed. Writing this album with Matt (Wantland, guitarist) back in the band, too, it felt right.”

If “(How to Live) As Ghosts” sounds like a full-band effort, that’s because it’s just that– all of the guys, holed up together, writing song after song.

“Historically, the band has always had trouble writing as a group, so a lot of times just Jesse (Hasek, vocalist) and I would write the bulk of the material,” Vodinh said. “This time around, we felt comfort all writing together in a room, so the first big difference for this record was how well we worked together as a group. Everyone in the band is a capable writer and musician, and it was a really welcomed process.”

It’s also refreshing for 10 Years to get back on the road. “We’re out with RED and Otherwise right now, and we have new shows coming up with RED and Pop Evil,” he said. “It’s going great so far. I think all of the bands on the bill have a similar fan base, but still a lot of people in RED’s core fan base are just now discovering 10 years, and some of our hardcore fans getting to see RED for the first time.”

“As for Chevelle, those guys are awesome,” he added. “We’ve known then for a long time. Musically, we really work well together. We’re cut from a similar cloth, and those guys kill it on the road.”

Vodinh says the guys of 10 Years and their tour mates are “all fighting the same fight, so it’s nice to share the wealth.”

“We’re fighting the fight for rock and being out here away from families and still trying to build our brands and play music because we love it,” he said.

“It’s been such a long journey and there have been plenty of bumps in the road, but we do this because we love it. I can’t image a life without playing music and being on the road.”

Photo credit: Elizabeth Wiseman

Publication date: November 3, 2017



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