10 Years Releases Anthemic New Song, ‘The Shift’


10 Years – Story by Cat Badra, courtesy photo

10 Years have returned with a guitar-heavy new track, “The Shift,” which marks their first new single since releasing 2017’s “(How to Live) As Ghosts”

Tennessee rockers 10 Years are back with a new song, “The Shift,” which they were inspired to released because of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The track — which features heavy guitars, catchy rhythms and a thick, anthemic chorus — is available via digital outlets and streaming on YouTube below.

“While in the studio last fall, we were looking at the state of the world as we wrote ‘The Shift,'” frontman Jesse Hasek said in a statement. “As a society, we’re so distracted that we’re not united. When the pandemic happened, it became so important to finally see the positivity of humanity. We’ve realized we’re all in this together. You can pick a side, but we’re sitting in the same realm.”

Guitarist Brian Vodinh added that lyrically, the song is about “the polarization of society and the human impact on the earth itself. We were thinking about how humans can be a virus to the Earth. There is something incredibly special about how we create. We go through hell facing all challenges head-on, but the final product is worth it. Simultaneously, it reflects the state of divisiveness in The World. Everything is so political. Everyone is angry at each other. We’re better when we come together.”

In other news, with face masks being in demand due to the coronavirus crisis, 10 Years is offering their own band branded face mask, which features the band’s logo along with “The Shift.” View the face mask here. The band also has a variety of “The Shift” merchandise available on their official website.

“The Shift” is 10 Years’ first bit of new music since their 2017 full-length album, “(How to Live) As Ghosts,” which featured the rock hit “Novacaine.”



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