Def Leppard Planning Major Tour for 2018

Story by Cat Badra, photo by Anne Erickson

Def Leppard fans, rejoice. The ’80s rock band’s drummer, Rick Allen, was recently interviewed by Backstage Axxess, and spoke about the band’s 2018 plans, and things seem busy. According to Allen, the band is prepping a major North American tour for 2018. No word yet on whether the trek will include Journey, which has been rumored.

“I think we’ve got a show in London, which kind of kicks things off. And then we’ve got about a 60-date tour planned for 2018, and that’s probably gonna be North America and Canada,” Allen said. “And I take it that’s probably gonna keep me pretty busy for the whole of next year.” So, should news of the tour drop soon? “I should imagine so,” Allen said. “We’re trying to work out all the details, but I should imagine that announcement’s coming pretty soon.”

Allen also discussed Def Leppard’s commitment to churning out new music instead of sticking to just the classics. “I can understand bands wanting to (just play their classic songs on tour and not release anything new), and I get that,” Rick said. “But we kind of take a leaf out of the Rolling Stones book. They’re constantly producing new music — every time they go out and tour, there’s always new music to go along with that — and we feel as though if you’re not creating new music, you’re not really moving forward.”

“We found that releasing (the band’s 2015) record, a lot of young people really liked a lot of the material on that record. And it was good that our fanbase really loved it,” he added. “But it was nice to see new people coming in and new people getting to know about the band. And I think that’s one of the things when you release new music — it definitely keeps that message moving forward; it doesn’t get frozen in time.”

Publication date: January 1, 2018



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