Skillet Drummer Jen Ledger Announces Solo Album


Story and photo by Anne Erickson

Jed Ledger of Skillet has announced her debut solo release

Skillet drummer Jen Ledger is gearing up to release her debut solo release. According to Billboard, Ledger will release her a solo EP, simply named “Ledger,” on April 13. The album features production from Korey Cooper of Skillet and Seth Moseley, the latter who has worked with Christian acts Newsboys, Francesca Battistelli and For King & Country.

Ledger says Korey and John Cooper of Skillet have been a major help in working with her and helping her craft her own style. “Over the last couple of years, the Coopers have really been training me, helping me on my writing and really helping me find my own unique style,” Ledger told Billboard in the exclusive. “I’m not just mini-Skillet. I’m edgy and rocky, but I’m also soft and got a little bit of pop in me too. They’ve been helping me find out not only who I am musically, but also who I am as a person and what do I want to say.”

Ledger adds that touring with Skillet has shown her “just how impactful music is because I have traveled the world from Russia to Japan to Australia and I have seen music impact people.”

“I’ve seen people all over the world say, ‘You’ve saved my life,’” she adds, “and that is an honor to be able to be a part of anything that influential in the world, for it to be power and light and hope, to save people and to help people get over addiction or empower people that want to give up.”

Ledger will serve as the opening acts for Skillet on the group’s upcoming Joy.UNLEASHED tour, which will set off April 12 in Amarillo, Texas.



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