Skillet’s ‘Eden’ Offers Modern Themes, Colorful Pages – Review


Skillet – ‘Eden’ review by Anne Erickson

Skillet recently released the band’s first-ever graphic novel, “Eden,” which frontman John Cooper had a big hand in creating

Modern rock band Skillet recently came up on a new milestone: releasing a brand new Skillet graphic novel. The band released the novel, titled “Eden,” via Z2 Comics, and frontman John Cooper had a big hand in putting together the colorful pages and story.

Skillet is known for their chart-topping rock hits, which also have topped the Christian rock charts, including “Awake and Alive,” “Hero,” “Feel Invincible” and “Monster.” Now, they’re in the graphic novel territory, but reading through the dynamic pages of “Eden,” you would never know they were newbies.

The story of “Eden,” written by Cooper and Random Shock, explores the themes of faith and redemption in a post-apocalyptic space.

The story follows John in the small farm town of Coltonville, Tennessee. Despite the beauty around him, John isn’t satisfied. He keeps having a dream involving a purple door, and his wife Korey is having the same dream. As time goes on, both John and Kory have glowing light purple eyes, so they truly stand out.

As the plot unfolds, “Eden” conjures up discussions that get one thinking about politics, religion and society. It’s not your typical graphic novel. With its complex, modern story line and striking, radiant art, “Eden” offers something special for graphic novel readers. Cooper has stated that putting together “Eden” was a goal of his for years, and that passion and drive truly leaps off its inspiring pages. Ink rating: 9/10.

Bonus: Z2 Comics also recently released Poppy’s “Genesis 1,” which tells the mysterious story of Poppy and her origin. For information on “Genesis 1” and Skillet’s “Eden,” visit the Z2 Comics website.

“Eden: A Skillet Graphic Novel” artwork

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