System of a Down New Music Update: ‘System’s Not Making Albums,’ Says Guitarist


Story by Anne Erickson, photo by Ken Settle

When should fans expect a new System of a Down record? Not soon, says guitarist Daron Malakian

It’s been a while since System of a Down has released new music– more than a decade, to be specific. So, will the alt-metal guys head to the studio anytime soon to start dishing out new tracks? A bit of insight is here on the matter from System of a Down guitarist Daron Malakian. He recently unleashed a new tune called “Lives” with his band Scars on Broadway, and when asked about the possibility of new System of a Down music by Kerrang!, he explained that it isn’t in the immediate future.

“As of right now, System’s not making albums,” Malakian said in the interview. “So (Scars on Broadway) is the project through which I’m releasing my songs.”

While System of a Down isn’t releasing anything new right now, at least Scars on Broadway is set to unveil a new album. The band will released a fresh set on July 20, named “Dictator,” which marks the band’s second album and follow-up to their 2008 self-titled debut. Malakian says you’ll be able to hear some System of a Down influence on the Scars on Broadway release.

“I think the Scars stuff tends to take more of a rock direction, even though I would say there’s a lot of material on this album that I think has more of a System of a Down flavor in it than maybe the first Scars album did,” he explained

System of a Down’s latest studio album is 2005’s “Hypnotize.” The band has a handful of tour dates scheduled for the fall, including Aftershock Festival in Sacramento, California, in October, and shows in Las Vegas, Nevada; San Bernardino, California; Phoenix, Arizona; and San Diego, California. The October dates mark System of a Down’s first U.S. tour dates since 2005.



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