Korn Announces Signature Brand of Coffee


Story by Cat Badra, photo by Anne Erickson

Korn has announced its own coffee line, and it’s perfect timing, as today is National Coffee Day in the U.S.

Today (Sept. 29) is National Coffee Day in the U.S., and Monday (Oct. 1) marks International Coffee Day, so it seems fitting that a new brand of coffee would pop up. If you’re a coffee drinker and Korn fan, then you’re in luck, because the nu-metal faves are releasing their own line of java.

Korn just announced the release of its signature coffee brand, which is spelled with a “K,” just like the band name. Korn Koffee features a blend of Certified Fair trade whole beans from Ethiopia, Guatemala and Peru. Korn made the special java with J. Gursey Coffee Roasters.

“After almost 25 years of touring, making records and playing in front of all of our amazing fans, one thing has remained a constant in our daily routine: coffee,” Korn said in a statement. “The ritual, the brew, the aroma and most importantly, that very first cup every morning that sets the tone, is something we look forward to every day.”

“Because of our passion, we’ve gotten together with a roaster and handcrafted our very own blend of Koffee,” the band continued. “We hope you enjoy, share, and join us in savoring many cups of Koffee for years to come.”

Korn Koffee can be purchased via via Korn’s web store. A special Korn coffee mug is also available via the web store.

In other news, Korn recently performed three concerts celebrating the 20th anniversary of their seminal 1998 album, “Follow the Leader.” While Jonathan Davis has been busy with his own solo project, the group has confirmed that they have begun work on a new album, which will mark their the follow-up to 2016’s “The Serenity of Suffering.”



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