Korn Release Surprise ‘Requiem Mass’ EP


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Korn – Story by Charles Ken, photo by Tim Saccenti

Listen to Korn’s live “Requiem Mass” EP

On Saturday (Feb. 4), Korn will pass the one-year anniversary of releasing their latest studio album, “Requiem.” In honor of that milestone, Jonathan Davis and company have release a surprise new EP, “Requiem Mass.”

“Requiem Mass” features five songs from the nu-metal group’s Feb. 3, 2022, live-streamed 300-person performance and ceremony that honored “souls that had passed.” The event payed tribute to the lives of those lost during the global COVID-19 pandemic and featured Korn performing a very intimate set.

The EP features five songs from the performance: “Start the Healing,” “Lost in the Grandeur,” “Hopeless and Beaten,” “Worst Is on Its Way” and “Let the Dark Do the Rest.” On top of releasing the new EP, Korn have shared performance footage from the live stream event via YouTube.

At the time “Requiem” was released last year, Korn guitarist Minky told Loudwire Nights of the release, “Something about it makes me feel like it’s — remember the album ‘Untouchables?’ It has a vibe to it that’s like early 2000s to me. I don’t know why, maybe it’s just because we took more time on guitars.”

He added, “We got a lot of textures and there’s some layering and techniques recording-wise that we’ve done [such as] recording to tape. We did all the drums and did a lot of analog recording, and just got out of working in a computer.”

“Requiem Mass” is available now via Loma Vista Recordings on streaming, digital, limited-edition vinyl, as well as a 2-CD deluxe edition packaged with the original “Requiem<” album. Find the link to order and download here. Watch the full “Requiem Mass” below.

Korn’s “Requiem Mass” Live Performance:

Korn’s “Requiem Mass” EP Tracklist:

01. Start the Healing
02. Lost in the Grandeur
03. Hopeless and Beaten
04. Worst Is on Its Way
05. Let the Dark Do the Rest

Korn’s “Requiem Mass” (Full EP Stream):

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