Myles Kennedy Unveils New Music Video for ‘The Great Beyond’


Story by Cat Badra, photo by Christian Barz

Watch Myles Kennedy’s new, black-and-white music video for “The Great Beyond”

Myles Kennedy is back with a fresh music video for his “Year of the Tiger” track “The Great Beyond.” The video is done completely in back-and-white film and features live clips of Kennedy and company performing at various venues around the world. Watch the music video via YouTube below.

“I had been working on a record for about seven years,” Kennedy said in a statement. “It was actually finished two years ago, but when I listened to it with a fresh perspective, when all was said and done, I just thought it wasn’t the right first step to take in this journey—its shelf life had expired.”

Hence, Kennedy started over, “writing like a madman.” He wrote more than 20 songs and “could see what it was telling me, as far as what story needed to be put to that music. I realized it was time to jump head-first into something I’ve been putting off for my whole life as a writer.”

Musically, “Year of the Tiger” covers the gamut of genres, from blues to country to R&B. “I’ve always wanted to make record like this, that embodies a certain part of me which hasn’t been documented,” Kennedy said, adding that he’s influenced by Paul Simon, Led Zeppelin, Chris Whitley and more. “I was trying to tap into those more, as opposed to a big, bombastic sonic attack.”

Find Audio Ink Radio’s recent interview with Kennedy here. Kennedy – who also sings in Slash’s band and is the lead vocalist of Alter Bridge – will embark on a new run of solo tour dates starting next month, and find the full list of concerts here.



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