Corey Taylor Says New Slipknot Album Is About a ‘Dark Time’


Story by Cat Badra, photo by Anne Erickson

Corey Taylor gets personal on the lyrics for Slipknot’s upcoming album

Slipknot’s Corey Taylor is opening up about the lyrics on the Iowa metal band’s upcoming album, and he says the subject matter will look back on a recent, difficult time during his personal life.

“The last few years have been really tough for me,” Taylor says in a new interview with Music Week. “With the exception of my kids and my bands, it’s been a dark time for me. I didn’t relapse or anything, but it was just the depression that I was dealing with and the anger that I was dealing with that was consuming me.”

“I had to get myself out of that situation, and now the lyrics I’m writing for the Slipknot album are all about that period of time,” he added in the interview. “Basically the last five years of my life just trying to get my head around everything, and moving towards the happiness I remember.”

In a previous interview, Slipknot’s Shawn “Clown” Crahan discussed the new album, saying, “It’s even better that (frontman) Corey Taylor is really excited,” Clown added. “He does a lot of work, goes out with Stone Sour, does solo gigs and solo things — from books to award shows. Whatever he’s doing, he does a lot. And it’s always awesome to feel his excitement.”

Crahan also said that he is currently “having the best time of my life in Slipknot,” which says a lot, since the band has been together since the mid-’90s.

The upcoming Slipknot album, which has yet to get a title, will mark the metal ‘s follow-up to 2014’s “.5: The Gray Chapter.” It’s expected to arrive later this year.



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