Interview [Video]: Halford Guitarists Metal Mike and Roy Z

Interview [Video] – Halford guitarists talk about backing a legend and playing Ozzfest’s main stage

Metal Mike and Roy Z remember the moment it sunk in they’d be backing one of metal’s biggest superstars: Rob Halford. “It’s one of those great stories,” guitarist Metal Mike said. “There’s a lesson there, in that you have to follow your heart, whether that’s professionally or personally. For me, that was the only way to success.”

“It’s special for me, because when I was a kid growing up, my favorite heavy metal band was, and is, Judas Priest,” guitarist and producer Roy Z added. “I used to have those guys on my wall with all their posters.”

Halford, the solo group fronted by Judas Priest singer Rob Halford, played its first performance in five years on the main stage at Ozzfest 2010. It was the perfect op for Halford to play new songs of their new album, Halford IV: Made of Metal. Check out Audio Ink Radio’s video interview from Ozzfest 2010, above.

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