311’s Nick Hexum Loves the Beatles, the Clash and the Smiths

Story by Anne Erickson

311 Frontman: ‘You have to believe in yourself’

Over two decades have passed since 311 first got together and started dreaming up reggae-inspired alternative rock nuggets such as “Creatures (For a While)” and “All Mixed Up.” The guys are back this year with a new album, Universal Pulse (which dropped in July), and a mega tour with fellow alternative rockers Sublime with Rome.

Nick Hexum, frontman for the Omaha-based group, says bands such as the Clash and the Smiths started it all.

“The Clash… was the band that totally blew my mind,” he told Westword. “They had the energy of punk with reggae mixed in. They had this attitude that anything goes. We’ve been influenced by that. I also went through a huge Beatles phase. I listened to a lot of the Smiths, the Cure, when alternative was truly alternative…”

As for 311’s unrivaled longevity, Hexum always knew the guys had a chance to make it long-term.

“I believed it was definitely possible,” he said. “In fact, you really have to believe in yourself. You go through disappointment and rejections, and people tell you it’s not going to work, but you have to believe in yourself. I was betting everything on it. I thought we were going to be successful, but it has exceeded a lot of my expectations.”

311 will rock out on a special Caribbean Cruise from May 10 to 14, 2012, running from Miami to Half Moon Clay in the Bahamas.  Tickets will go on sale in early October. Check the band’s official website for updates.

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