9 Left Dead, ‘The Wrong Things’ – Album Review

Debut album brings strong vocals and heavy riffs

Amber, Okla.-based hard rock band 9 Left Dead drop their debut album, The Wrong Things, Tuesday (Sept. 27). Above all, members hope the pummeling tracks help their fans through life’s challenges. “You always want to do something to change people’s lives and help them, it just turned out that while using my music to deal with life myself, it also helped other people who listened to it, as well,” lead singer Travis Jones said on the band’s website.

The album, recorded at Hinder drummer and songwriter Cody Hanson’s Bar Code Studios, brings straight-up rock with uncompromising guitars, hammering drums and lyrics that speak to a generation.

As the opening measures of lead single, “Put Down Your Guns,” crunch in, Jones’ strong vocals soar over the heavy riffing: “I don’t like the way you’re looking at me / That tone of voice is all wrong / The last thing you want is to make me an enemy …”

“In Their Lies” and “Nothing Left to Lose” show tight songwriting and an accessible alt-metal sound, resulting in tracks that are memorable and rock radio-ready. Jones, bass player Jared Ellis, drummer Bryan Whitley, lead guitarist Kreg Anthony and guitarist Nathan Parish also cover the Doors’ “People Are Strange,” giving a refreshing modern rock take on the classic. The debut — out on Dirtbag, via Warner Music Group’s Independent Label Group — is promising, and 9 Left Dead are a band to watch in the coming months.

Ink Rating: 4 out of 5 Guitar Splatters


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